To be eligible to represent you school in any interscholastic contest, you must:

  • Be a regular, bona fide student in good standing of the school.
  • Have enrolled not later than the tenth day of current semester.
  • Have earned at least 2 units of credit the previous semester (summer school excluded).
  • Have attained an overall “C” (2.00) average. Summer school may be included.
  • Not have reached your 15th (MS), 16th (JHS) or 19th (HS) birthday before September 1 of the current school year.
  • Be residing with parent(s) or legal guardian as specific by WVSSAC Rule 127-2-7 and 8 unless:
  • Parents or guardians have made a bona fide change of residence during school term.
  • An AFS or other Foreign-Exchange student (one year of eligibility only).
  • The residence requirement was met by the 365 calendar days attendance prior to participation.
  • Have not transferred from a private to a public or public to a private member school without forfeiting 365 calendar days of athletic eligibility (exception 127-2-7.17 (1-2-3).
  • Be an amateur as defined by Rule 127-2-11.
  • Transfer into school does not automatically guarantee athletic eligibility.

The following actions will disqualify you from participation in the athletic program:

  • You must not have transferred from one school to another for athletic purposes as a result of undue influence or persuasion by any individual or group of people.
  • You must not have received recognition of your ability as a HS or JHS athlete through any award not present or approved by your school or the WVSSAC.
  • While a member of a school team in any sport, you must not become a member of any other organized team or an individual participant in an unsanctioned meet or tournament in the same sport during the school sport season (exceptions note in 127-2-10.1).
  • You must not have participated in more than one all-star contest in each sport. (This rule applies to seniors only).
  • You must not have been enrolled in more than eight (8) semesters in grades 9-12.
  • You must not have participated in more than two (2) season in any sport in grades 7 and 8 (Rule 127-2-5).

Before becoming a member of any school athletic team, you must have submitted to your principal a Participation/Parental Consent/Physician Form, completely filled in and property signed, attesting that you have been examined and found to be physically fit for athletic competition and that your parents or guardian consent to your participation (See exceptions under Rule 127-3-3).

Eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics is a privilege you earn by meeting not only the above listed minimum standards, but also all other standards set by your school and the WVSSAC. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility or are in doubt about the effect any activity or action might have on your eligibility, check with your principal or athletic director. They are aware of the interpretation and intent of each rule. Meeting the intent and spirit of WVSSAC standards will prevent athletes, teams and schools from being penalized.


The member schools encourage the attendance of students, parents, and interested members of the community at all athletic events. We further encourage their active support of these programs by participating in those activities which lend themselves to stimulating student achievement, good sportsmanship, and school spirit. These activities should be positive in nature and within the guidelines of the Section XI Code of Conduct. It is not our intent to reduce the involvement of spectators or the enjoyment of those who participate. Rather, it is our goal to create an atmosphere which is conducive to healthy athletic competition, is safe for those involved, and which provides the ideals of sportsmanship and sound educational practices.

  1. SPECTATOR CODE OF CONDUCT (Violators of this code are subject to eviction from the site.)
  1. Spectators are an important part of the game and shall at all times conform to accepted standards of good sportsmanship and behavior.
  2. Spectators shall at all times respect officials, coaches and players and extend all courtesies to them.
  3. Wholesome cheering is encouraged.
  4. Taunting, foul and abusive language, noisemakers, inflammatory remarks, and disrespectful signs and behavior are not acceptable.
  5. Faculty supervised pep bands are permitted during dead ball time. However, spectator noise makers or sound devices are prohibited.