New York Knicks Season Analysis


Caleb Mills, Reporter

There isn’t much to say about the Knicks other than there’s always next year. I do like RJ Barrett, but he is going to need help,  and I don’t think he is the main piece to a winning team. I hope I”m wrong though because the Knicks are as sad of a sports franchise as you can be. This off season they signed four power forwards which makes zero sense considering they are starting three of them in Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibbson. This makes no sense and makes for a slow lineup. They are starting Frank Ntilikna at point guard, and he has been in the league three years and is yet to improve or make any leaps in his game. All I can say for this Knicks is “Yikes!”  I don’t know what this team can do to improve.  Maybe  its management and James Dolan and Steve Mills are to be blamed, or maybe its coaching and David Tisdale isn’t the guy for the job. I think at the end of the day all of the above are to be blamed. Management, coaching staff, players from top to bottom this Knicks team is a big mess.