Dinner at Coal City Elementary


Haley Piercy, Reporter

On November the 20th, the special ed classes from Coal City Elementary, Independence Middle School, and Independence High School all joined together to have a Thanksgiving dinner. The kids loved it, and to see they smile big, and shine was the best part about it. All the teachers provided a plate to bring to the dinner. My mom’s special ed class provided the turkey, and I have to say it was super good! The deserts were made by Coal City Elementary. All schools should do little things like this because it means so much to them, and it’s the sweetest thing to ever see. We sat up three tables for the students to sit at, and there was a big long table in the middle with all the food that was made to sit on. The kids favorite was the chocolate pumpkin roll that was homemade by one the the teachers from Coal City. In total there was about 20 kinds there, and each one of them were so sweet, and had the best personality. I loved seeing these schools join together to give thanks, and I am so happy that I got to volunteer, and be apart of it. Thanksgiving baskets were also given out the day before to families in need, and getting to help out with that made me realize how blessed my family is. Sometimes people judge others, and you never know what they may be going through. I am just happy that we helped these families out, and now they get to go home and celebrate as a family together to give thanks, and that is what matters most at this time. I wouldn’t change what we did to help for the world!