History of the Christmas Tree

Maddy Mitchem, Reporter

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     Believe it or not, decorating a Christmas tree did not start in the United States. Germany is to have all the credit with starting this tradition. When families couldn’t find the right tree, they’d stack up wood into a pyramid and decorate it with evergreens and oftentimes candles. German settlers in Pennsylvania brought Christmas to the U.S. in 1747. Did you know up until the late 1840’s Christmas Trees were seen as a pagan symbol? 

     German-American settlers decorated their trees with nuts, marzipan cookies, and brightly colored popcorn. The others also in America chose to decorate their trees with homemade ornaments.  

     If you have a real tree sitting in your home it will consume up to a quart of water per week. The top three producing states of the Christmas tree are, Oregon, North Carolina, and Michigan.