Key House Committees Vote to Impeach


Nick Taylor, Reporter

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee debated into the night as Democratic lawmakers made their case for the impeachment of Donald Trump, Preisdent of the United States. The Judiciary Committee is where the formal articles will go before they go before the full House for a vote on accusing the President of the articles. The two articles passed were Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power, setting the stage for a floor vote this week. Most Democratic lawmakers are on record saying they will vote for the impeachment, but at least one Democrat is not on board and may switch parties over the divisive issue of impeachment. Freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ), met with President Trump on Friday on switching his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, which led to seven of his staffers to resign. Jeff Van Drew is now an example that Trump needs to help his re-election prospects next year. There will likely be a vote held this week on the floor and a possible Senate trial beginning in January.