Maddy Mitchem, Reporter


Moving is such a bittersweet subject. Whether you’re moving just down the road or across states, the change is challenging. On the one hand, the life you knew is coming to an end. The house, the yard, the neighbors, it will all soon just be apart of a single chapter of your life. When moving states, you say goodbye to friendships, and bonds that you once thought could never be broken. Now those bonds are pulled taut over the many miles between you. The roads you once knew by heart are behind you and it’s now a maze trying to find your way to your new home. There are countless moments when you think of the friends you had and wonder what they are doing. There are moments when you break down crying missing the old times and being with the people you grew up with. No one can prepare you for the pit in your stomach when you see a photo of everyone at a football game knowing you should be there too. Or wanting to desperately escape to a teacher’s room who you’ve known for years, but knowing they’re miles away. The emotions hit you when you least expect it.  However, for every down there is a plus. Nothing beats being able to wake up to your niece knocking at your door. Without moving, you may not have found the job that you really enjoy, or the people whom now pick on you like siblings, or even that really cute coworker that gives you butterflies everytime you work together. Maybe, without moving, you wouldn’t have realized the person you were with was bad for you. Most importantly, you wouldn’t have built up the relationship with your mom. It’s a change, a drastic one, but knowing that the opportunities here are going to push you further and help you in the long run makes it all worth it. Even if that means going to a highschool with 500 students in your graduating class, or the worst part: having to walk up the stairs to get to the second story of the school. Every. Day. Moving is a challenge, but if you take in good with bad, you might just see God put you here for a reason.  

 I miss you guys a whole lot. I hope you’re all doing well.  

Thinking of you always! 

Briahna Scammell