Ladies, A Word of Warning!

Kyra Davis, Reporter

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Ladies! There are proper and improper ways to get with a guy if you want a boyfriend. The proper ways consist of making sure they’re single, flirting, and talking until it eventually leads to dating. Improper ways include talking and flirting with a boy who already has a girlfriend! They’re already taken, so leave them alone. There are plenty of other guys in this world who are single, and looking for a relationship. Don’t try to steal a boy away from their girlfriend just out of spite. Also, boys, if you have a girlfriend, you shouldn’t let another girl take you away from her if you really love her. Relationships require trust and communication, and once you’ve cheated on them, all trust is lost  and nearly impossible to regain. If someone is in a relationship, please refrain from being way too touchy for absolutely no reason. Now, I understand if you’re childhood friends and you want to give them a hug every once in a while, but it is completely unnecessary to always touch them when you’re talking or to try messing with their hair. Also! Do not ask to hang out with a guy behind their girlfriend’s back. That can lead to some foolish drama that wouldn’t have even started if people had common decency. If you want to hang out with someone, do it in school or invite people over so you can all hangout together. There’s no need to go after a guy if they’re already taken. There’s plenty of other people in this world that would be interested in you, but don’t expect people to like you when you’re known for playing around with couples. It’s sad that I even have to bring this topic up, but hopefully I’ve opened up your eyes to this. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is being distant, talk to them like a mature adult instead of cheating on them.