Independence vs. Liberty Girls’ Basketball

Kyra Davis, Reporter

The Independence High School girls basketball team had a home game this past Monday, December 16, against Liberty High School. It was quite a good game considering our girls smacked Liberty 53-20. The season started off slow, and a bunch of the girls were not hopeful for the new season. But it was the same with the volleyball team and they ended up going to states. The girls basketball team barely had enough girls to make a full team, but luckily they pulled through and were ready to start the season. They haven’t won very many games, but this past one gave them hope to have a decent season. Of those 53 points, junior Alexis Clark made 16. Other junior, Emily Suddreth, made 13 whole points. Senior, Makenzie Holley made 9 points. And last but definitely not least, sophomore, Bella Acord made 8 points. On Liberty’s side, junior Kylie Wallace made the majority of their points scoring 13 of them. Once again, a good season always starts off a little bit slow so if the girls keep their hopes up, they can have the potential to make it somewhere big. 

-Kyra Davis