One More Semester!

Caleb Mills, Reporter

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Its almost here, IHS Seniors. We now have one more semester of high school and then I’m pretty sure its all down hill from there. I have to be honest with you though, this is the most exciting and terrifying thing in the world–the thought of not doing the only thing I have done for basically my entire life. The last time I wasn’t enrolled in school I was still peeing the bed on a nightly basis, and now we’re getting ready to be done completely and move on to the next stage of our adult lives. As for myself I’m ready for it. I”m ready to be an adult and live my life, but,with that being said, as much as I complain and talk trash about Independence High School…….I’m really going to miss Independence High School. It sucks it really does it seems like when you are getting ready to leave only then do you wish you could have your days as a freshman back. That’s life though and I will never forget this place and all the good memories I have had in it. Don’t get me wrong its still the world’s biggest porta potty, but its my ports potty, and its always gonna be home. #INDY HIGH TILL I DIE