Oliviah Green, Reporter

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I recently read an article on MedicalTalks Instagram page. The post is about a “normal” doctors visit of a gorilla. Barney is a 25 year old silverback gorilla that weighs 414 pounds. He had an appointment for his annual checkup. He had his weight taken, heart checked, blood taken, and tested for skin allergies. Barney also had a cough and cases of hives that his caregivers were worried about. It took at least six people to load Barney onto the truck, so he could go to the animal hospital. First he was weighed and then  they put a blood pressure cup around his pinky. He was then rolled to the x-ray room. There they recurved photos of his chest, shoulders, knees and hips. He was then taken back to the exam room where they drew his blood and looked at his heart. A dermatologist then shaved a part of his chest and started to poke his skin with multiple needles. Turns out he was allergic to plantains, mangoes, and some types of grass and that’s why he had broke out in hives. Then came a pulmonary critical care doctor for humans. A gorillas anatomy is very similar to humans. He then threaded a scope down Barney’s throat. To the doctors surprise, he found lots of tiny white mites crawling through his airway. With the scope they were able to to grab some of the mites and put them in containers to be tested. Doctors flushed out his airways and gave him lots of medicine. This article was very interesting. It was fun to step into the world of an animal hospital. 

Oliviah green