Kyra Davis, Reporter

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Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re probably wondering about what you’re going to get your loved ones. Luckily, I’ve obtained a few tips on cute last minute gifts, or stocking stuffers that should be able to help with the stress of the holidays. I’ll start off with the girls gifts first. For some odd reason, girls tend to love anything that they can use in the shower or after the shower. They love body washes, lotions, perfumes, and face masks. Bath bombs are also a necessity, and you can buy all of these gifts for low prices at a local Walmart. Another cute gift idea for girls is just about anything technology related. Chargers and headphones are always appreciated along with speakers and anything of that sort. Makeup, jewelry, and candy always make for simple, easy stocking stuffers as well.

Now for the guys. Men are sometimes difficult to shop for because they usually come out with a comment like “I don’t want anything.” In reality we know that they want something. Men usually need a knew wallet since us girls tend to drain them. You can find decent quality wallets for low prices just about anywhere, especially at clothing stores. If your guy likes watches, that is also another gift that can be greatly appreciated so maybe they can sometimes be on time. Nobody doesn’t appreciate candy or chocolate so that one is just a given. Men are always needing either new socks or new underwear, so those small clothing items can easily fit into a stocking. Especially funny printed socks, men will crack up at those. And last but not least, men will just enjoy your company. Cuddle up with a loved on this Christmas, and relax. 2019 has been a long year, and you deserve to spend the holidays with your loved ones stress free. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!