App Review: Mario Kart


Alyssa Topping, Reporter

The app Mario Kart had its rave when the game first came out. Although it had the hype it deserved, the game has definitely gone downhill since then. At first, Mario Kart was a fun, app free, game where you could play without internet and without interruptions. Recently though, the app has updated and it has gotten bad about putting ads in the game. Once you open the game, it sends you to a loading screen where it usually asks you to practice or to download a new update. If you choose to update the game, it takes a short amount of time. Another negative is that once you’re officially in the game, up to 7 ads within the game pop up and are one after the other. This causes a lag in the game and on your phone. One more negative is that the controls are hard to manage. If your hands are slightly wet or your finger isn’t in the exact area, it won’t control properly. Yet the negatives, one positive I can say is the graphics in the game are really well done. There’s a variation of characters from big to small, old to new. You can win more characters by collecting coins within the game. Overall, I don’t really recommend this game because of all of the negatives I’ve found while playing the game.