Titanic: The Museum


Alyssa Topping, Reporter

The Titanic Museum is located in Pigeon Forge right bedside of WonderWorks and The Hatfield and McCoy Show. Filled with artifacts from the Titanic, the museum is filled with fun activities that are more than family friendly. As you walk into the tour, a crew member of the ship hands you a “passport” to get onto the ship. As you board, they will welcome you with smiles and sometimes handshakes. The first half of the museum is filled with artifacts found that survived the crash of the Titanic such as a first class deck chair and some clothing items. Once you get through a lot of the history, they have a more more interactive portion where you are able to experience the first class, second class, and third class hallways. There’s an area where you can test if you could climb the steep slopes of what the Titanic had as it was sinking. The most chilling part of it all is a dark and cold room where they have water for you to touch. This water is the temperature the water was the night of the sinking. You can try to see how long you can keep your hand in the 28 degrees of ice water. At the end of your tour, you get to see if you survived or if you didn’t. On your passport handed to you at the beginning of the tour, there’s a name of a real passenger that was aboard the Titanic.