What Next to Binge on Netflix: The Witcher 


Maddy Mitchem, Reporter


     If you happen to be into Sci-Fi related movies, medieval times, and magic, this might just be the show for you. With only one season this is such an exciting show to watch. Though it might have really strong language and some explicit content, The Witcher is such a good series. It’s based around destiny and fate, and the kingdom of Cintra falling. The Witcher goes around places taking money to kill certain beasts for said villages and so on. The granddaughter of the queen of Cintra is his destiny. When the kingdom of Cintra is falling she orders two of her best men to take her granddaughter so she will not be killed. The granddaughter gets upset and starts to cry, then she screams and everyone is amazed. When she screamed the tables and glasses shook. Everyone disregarded this, but her grandmother noticed but failed to mention anything. The people taking over the kingdom is after her granddaughter because she was conceived on a night of an eclipse. Those women who were are said to have ‘powers.’ 

     One sentence that is repeated throughout this series is, “Find the girl in the woods, she is your destiny,” or “The girl in the woods will always be with you.” Talking about the granddaughter of the queen of Cintra. After her kingdom is attached she’s on the run in the woods. 

     Geralt of Rivia is bonded by the ‘future queen’ of Cintra because of the ‘Law of Surprise.’ In the middle of the series a couple of the episodes are flashbacks. When the queens daughter married her husband, he was half human and half beast. Somehow Geralt was there and he claimed the Law of Surprise and in this case said L.o.S. was the queens future granddaughter. The queens daughter died, and so did her husband. So, Ciri, the granddaughter of the queen was to take over once she passed. 

     The second storyline of this series is about a poor farm girl who had physical disabilities. The witch/sorceress Tissara goes around buying girls throughout the country to train them to become what she is. She stumbled upon the farm girl, Yennefer. She took her in along with a few other girls. Yennefer rises upon her sisters who Tissara also gathered to come to her home, and Tissara changes her sisters into eels and leaves Yennefer in her body. Yennefer desires to be more beautiful so with a little bit of magic, she becomes so. In order to become most beautiful, her uterus has to be removed. 

     The Witcher, also known as Geralt of Rivia, comes across Yennefer and they ‘fall in love’ or whatnot. Towards the end of the show many teams are sent out to kill a dragon. Yennefer wants to kill it because it is suppose to have healing powers and she just wants to become a mother. Once in the cave Geralt and his men fight the other teams with Yennefer to save the dragon. The ‘leader’ from Geralt team happens to be a good dragon, which is the rarest dragon. He wanted Geralt to find the dragon before the rest of the teams because he knew Geralt would fight to protect the egg. Then many of the witches and so on go to war with one clan. It appears that they are losing, then Tissara tells Yennefer to let go of her chaos and Yennefer burns many of the enemies up. At the end it appears Yennefer is dead. Geralt finds his way to the granddaughter of the kingdom Cintra and the ending scene of season one is them meeting in the woods and hugging. 

     Many rumors are going around that season two and three could be a possibility.