January Teacher of the Month: Rachel Jennings

Josh Green, Reporter

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A few days ago I interviewed Mrs. Jennings for teacher of the month, and during the interview I could not help but laugh and smile the whole time. I took enviromental science my junior year, and now looking back as a senior, I still laugh from all the memories I made in her class and will probably continue to laugh until I am a old man. Though all the laughter, however, she taught me a very important lesson:  that growing up does not mean letting go of who you are. She taught me that even though I will soon be a grown up that I can still have fun and be my goofy self. I asked her, “If you have one message you would want your current and future students to know what would it be?”  She told me, “Always work hard, never give up, and make good decisions.” Most people know Mrs. Jennings as a science teacher, but she is so much more than that. She loves to go hiking, do outside activites and explore new places. She likes to blast some alternative rock, mostly the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  She loves music so much that if her students are good, she creates playlists for the classroom to study to. She is the mother of Levi, who will soon be a famous photographer, and Kelsi, who is currently studying to be a phychiatrist. After a hard days work, she loves to get a sandwich at Secret Sandwich Society with her family. Mrs. Jennings is not just a science teacher, but a genuinely good person and my personal role model. I asked Mrs. Jennings, “Have you ever regretted becoming a teacher?” She said with a smile, “No.”