Manny Sargent: Sophomore Patriot of the Month


Alyssa Austin, Reporter

Manny Sargent is the Sophomore Patriot of the Month. He believes he was chosen for Patriot of the Month because he is a good student and is patient with not only the teachers but the others around him. His favorite thing about Independence is the teachers and how caring they are for their students. Another favorite of his is geometry class. Some of his hobbies include weight lifting, spending time with family, and watching sports! He plays for our Independence Patriot football team. Manny has four siblings and is the oldest of them all. He doesn’t plan to go to college, but he would like to go to trade school and get his journeymen in engineering or become an electrician. His favorite quote is from his mother which is, “If you can’t find something worth living for, you best find something worth dying for.” He is close with his family and enjoys their company. He loves to hang out with friends. He also takes much pride in his schoolwork.