Colton Blackburn: Junior of the Month


Lindsey Marshburn, Reporter

Colton Blackburn, junior student of the month, says that being student of the month is like a feeling of accomplishment. He says that having this title makes him proud of himself and proves that he can do some good. When I asked him what the best part about this was, he replied “It feels like I have done something good for somebody else and I have helped someone with school or something personal.” He believes that being student of the month is about more than just good grades. “You have to be nice to people, and be willing to help your friends or anyone who really needs it. You can not just expect to be student of the month just because you have perfect grades.” Colton has always been helpful to people and has made sure that others are always comfortable being themselves. He believes that being student of the month will let other people know that you just have to work hard enough to accomplish even the smallest of things. “I feel like if other students believe in themselves, they could also achieve student of the month.” Colton is also involved in school sports. He plays on the soccer team.  Colton says he never he even thought about student of the month before. “I did not even realize how cool it would be to be student of the month. I never imagined it,” he said. “Being student of the month is a big achievement and I could not be happier that I was chosen.”