Caitlyn Morgan: Freshman of the Month

Caitlyn Morgan:  Freshman of the Month

Terryn Sears, Reporter

Catlin Morgan is this month’s Freshman Patriot of the Month, and it is not that much of a surprise. Caitlin is  nice, sweet, kind, and intelligent. Many of her friends would say she is positive thinking, caring, loyal, and has a real goofy side. As of right now Catlin does no after school actives involving school. She does have many hobbies though.   These include painting, coloring, making bracelets, and learning new things as well. As a child Catlin had many wonderful experiences. Some of her favorite were having her dad read her to bed. She also loved playing pretend, and being outside with her family. When asked what she would like to do once she is finished with high school she said,  “I would love to be an author for children’s books because I know how much of an impact books had on me when I was young, and I want to do the same for children.” She has wanted to do this for many years, and has still yet to change her mind. This goal really doesn’t seem to far out of reach for Catlin since she is such a hard working, determined person. Overall Catlin is one of the most deserving for student of the month. She sets an extremely good example for others and meets the expectations teachers have on her classmates. She is a wonderful person, and very successful as well.