Netflix: You 


Alexis Isom, Reporter

You’ve may have already seen the Netflix original You. If you haven’t seen it yet, this article may give some spoils in it. You was released September 9, 2018. There’s only 10 episodes per seasons. Season 2 was released a year later on December 26 ,2019. People who got into the show You was eager to see what season 2 would bring.  If you haven’t seen You yet, you maybe wondering what the Netflix original show  may be about. The main character Joe killed his first love, Catherine by accident. After he hid the body, he moved states with a new name. He felt in love with a woman named “Beck” which he killed her too and moved to L.A. He had a guy named Will Bettelheim locked in his glass cage, so he could take his name. Later on he let the real Will go to the new place with his wife that he’s never seen before. Will (Joe) fell in love with “Love”. Who turned out crazy just like him. The last episode of season 2 left us with a really big question and suspense at the end. The show has been cleared for another season! The show has become a funny meme as well. One of the popular memes is  Joe  wearing his hat and Love didn’t know who he was. You has a 4.6 star rating. As I said earlier, the show was due for another season but not until April 9, 2021. I highly recommend this show!