TikTok Couples 


Alexis Isom, Reporter

From Musical.ly to TikTok,  there are people that became famous because of their relationship. So far the longest lasting TikTok relationship is Kayce and Gabriel. They have been together since the Musical.ly days. This puts them together for 4-5 years now. The newest trending TikTok couple is Hannah and Elmo. The couple have been together for a year. Hannah lives in Florida  and Elmo lives in the United Kingdom. They are planning to meet next month. Their fans are excited to see the couple meeting and all their cute pictures. There is a rumor going around that the newest TikTok dancer,  Charlie,  is dating “lil Huddy”.     Lil Huddy’s  real name is Chase. Charlie became famous by dancing and “getting the hype”. Chase became famous by being a cute E-boy. The question still remains if Charlie and Chase are a couple. The next person is Danielle Cohn. She was in a relationship with Mikey Tua for one year. Rumors started to fly that the couple separated. A couple of months later, Danielle and Sthab started dating and made a music video.  Later they went to Hawaii and Disneyland together. Then a couple of days ago, the couple had broken up. Sebastian Bails and Lauren Godwin are the next couple followers are talking about. The couple has a lot of hate on them. They became famous by doing pranks on each other. That completes the top of the famous TikTok couple list. Do you watch TikTok, if so do you have a famous TikTok couple?