Why We Need the Intercom Fixed


Josh Green, Reporter

Since the beginning of November of the 2019 school year, Independence’s intercom system has been broken and it has caused major issues and even saftey concerns. The announcements are now being made from the teachers’ classroom phone speakers, which are very hard to hear from and have caused many people to miss important meetings and events. This also raises safety concerns from the students, parents, and teachers about what would happen in an emergency situation. Situations such as an active shooter or health emergency where students would need to be moved. Teachers need to be aware of what is happening in the school at all times, for their student’s safety and well being. If a teacher or student was out of the classroom for something and missed an important announcement, it could cause crisis and confusion in the school. The intercom also helps if a student or teacher goes missing.  If a student or teacher goes missing,  they usually call them to the office from the intercom system, and if they are unaware they are needed, it could leave a classroom without a teacher or a student not knowing he is needed to be at a certain place. If the intercom system stays down for much longer, it could hurt the organization  and productivity of our school greatly and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.