Josh Green, Reporter

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Depression has become a major problem in teenagers’ life. Statastics from the government say that about 20% of teens will experience depression and about 10% will contemplate suicide. That means that about 1 in every 5 teenagers will have a form of depression and about 1 in every 10 teenagers have thought about taking their own life. There are multiple reasons for teens to be depressed, such as bullying, uncertainty, intellect and physical apperance. Most of these problems could easily be solved, but the problem is there is no one to talk to. Many people need to talk to a counselor or a therapist about problems they need help with, but therapists can be expensive and school counselors are in very short supply. Many schools have over 600 students with only 2 to 3 counselors. The government has also been little to no help in recent years, with a lot of politicians cutting mental health budgets and telling kids they just need to “get tough” or “stop being over dramatic” when they needed vital mental care. In recent years I have also noticed that we only talk about the bad of the world and most of the time on the news we show all the hate in the world and hardly the good. We need to start showing kids that there is good to life and not just war, drugs and violence. We need to start taking better care of kids and make sure they have good living conditions and are not constantly depressed. If this cycle continues our world will be full of nonproductive and hopeless adults. I believe any teenager who is feeling down, more than normal should have access to a therapist without breaking their family’s budget. I also believe a kid should be able to see a school counselor without having to wait three hours for them to give a bland response like “life is not so bad” and “I hope you feel better”. If you are ever feeling down or hopeless, I urge you to call one of the multiple depression hotlines our government offers or try to find someone trustworthy like a principal, police officer or teacher.  Always remember to never give up hope, because someone will care if you are gone.