Sneha Phillip: 9/11 Victim?

Sneha Phillip:   9/11 Victim?

Terryn Sears, Reporter

Sneha Philip was last seen on September 10th, 2001. She was an American physician who was married to and lived with Ron Lieberman. They both were doctors, and once they graduated, they moved to New York, and both got jobs at different hospitals. They day Sneha went missing she didn’t go to work. Ron last saw her when they had lunch together. The lunch didn’t last long, because he soon had to go back to work, and she had to get home so she could clean up before her cousin who was planning on staying with them got there. When Ron got home later that night, no one was there. He didn’t really worry about it much though, because this was pretty typical for her to go out, and end up crashing at someone else’s place. Since Ron was so used to this behavior, he went to bed like normal. The next morning when he woke up, he went to work as usual. After the first plane crashed on September 11 though, he got very worried. Their apartment was on the same block as the World Towers. He proceeded to call her many times, and got no answer. He finally got worried enough to go to their apartment. When he got there he quickly realized the door would not work since they were ran by electricity, and the power was cut off.  Although he’ was still worried, he decided to find a friend he could crash with. First thing the next morning he goes to the apartment, and when he opens the door he is shocked. Someone had left the window open and the everything was covered in ash and soot, and the only footprints that could be seen were those of his cat. He checked with her family to see if any of them had a clue where she was. No one knew where she was, but her mother did mention that that she was talking about going and seeing a restaurant where one of her friends was getting married at, and the restaurant happened to be in the towers. After her family said that they did not know where she was, he immediately knew something was wrong and went to report her as a missing person. There was so much chaos due to the day before that the police didn’t even consider looking at her case, and news outlets didn’t even think about talking about her. Sneha’s brother was angered that his sister was getting no recognition, so he decided to lie and say that he was on the phone with her when the first plane crashed, and she said she couldn’t get out. He would later regret this decision, because it made it that much harder to find out what happened. A few months later he told the police the truth, and they finally looked into it as a missing persons case rather than another 9/11 tragedy. It didn’t take them long to find out the last place she was. They found her on a camera at a department store. They also think they caught her on camera at her apartment just moments before the crash; however, the way the lighting was it covered most of her face, making it to where they could not see her clearly. In this footage the woman they believe to be Sneha got on the elevator and got right back off. There are many theories of what happened to her. The one I most heavily lean towards though is that she was she was going back to the apartments,  heard the crash of the plane, and went to help those in need. This would not be extremely far-fetched due to the fact she was a doctor, and was known for trying to help people when she could.