Nikkie Tutorials Comes Out as Transgendered

Terryn Sears, Reporter

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Coming out is a hard thing to do for anyone. Let alone doing it in front millions of strangers and fans on the internet. This is exactly what Nikkie Tutorials had to do this previous week. This past week Nikki came out as transgendered. She started to transition at a very young age. She was fully transformed by nineteen. She did while on her channel. Her fans could not have been more supportive of her. Although she was scared, her fans quickly assured her that there was no reasons to be, and they would love and support her through anything. This was an amazing and lovely thing she did; however, the reason she had to do it was not nearly as good. There was and is an evil person who forced her hand, so she would tell her secret. They gave her two options. Option one they told everyone about her secret. This is the only real option she had; however, Nikki didn’t like this option, so she created one for herself. She decided she would tell her fans. She would have much rather preferred  to tell them on her own time, but she rather her tell her own story than someone else do it for her. Nikki got very little backlash from this. She mainly got love and support, and the YouTube community could not be more happy about it. Me and so many other are so proud of her for showing her true self.