Funny Work Stories


Maddy Mitchem, Editor


    When I work I like to get to know my coworkers. Nonetheless, my coworkers are my work friends. We do our job, serve customers and also have a small bit of fun in between by cracking jokes or sometimes saying the wrong thing or being ditsy. For instance, by saying the wrong thing, one of my managers the other day stated that we were wasting the Original Tea at the end of the night.

“What is original tea?” I asked this question and he started to laugh, he said he meant, ‘Sweet Tea.’ So me and my manager laughed about it. 

     The other day me and one of my coworkers were serving this man. She was buttering the roll that was about to go on his plate when it slipped out of her hand and hit the back of my leg. For some reason this roll hit so hard on my leg, but I know she didn’t do it on purpose. So there I was frozen in front of the sides because I had no idea what just hit the back of my leg. She started to laugh and after I turned around and realized what just happened I laughed to. Now mind you, the customer was still ordering while all of this was going on. The customer spoke up and said, “What are you all laughing at?” By this time my coworkers face was so red, and then I felt mine starting to get red. So I answered but I stuttered, “She uh- I… I um she-, She accidentally hit me in the back of the leg with a roll.” So he spoke up and said, “Oh, I thought y’all were laughing at what I said.” Then he started to laugh, this man had a deep laugh but he laughed like Mr. Krabs off of Spongebob Squarepants and it made everything funnier. So I had to keep my cool and ask him if he wanted anything else today. So I rung him up and he paid. While he was walking out he laughed and said, “Have a good day, ladies.”