Technology in School: Good or Bad?

Alyssa Austin, Reporter

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Technology has become such a big part of the newer generation, but is incorporating it within our education systems going too far? A few years ago the schools in Raleigh County decided to provide the students with iPads for educational purposes. Since this new addition technology has continued to grow throughout the education system, now providing us with laptops and allowing us to use our phones. Some people believe that bringing technology into education is a great idea. This can provide a device for students who may otherwise not have the opportunity to do research, write essays, download ebooks, and more. Having technology in schools could make education and the idea of learning more appealing to others who have trouble finding interest in school. Although technology in schools is used for many good reasons, there are others who believe that it could be a distraction. They believe it is relying to much on electronics and can allow students to download not only educational apps but also apps for their personal enjoyment. There are also those that believe it puts a financial burden on lower income family’s when they now have the responsibility to take care of the electronic and chargers or have to pay a fee to fix or replace. All of these things could be a distraction from doing assignments, or focusing on teachers during a lecture. We each must take the time to weigh to pros and cons and come up with an answer that fits for each of us separately and as a whole in the education department . With each conversation we get closer to a resolution .