The “Floating” Island of Trash

Alyssa Austin, Reporter

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There is a huge island of trash known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; it is one of five big trash patches throughout the ocean. The patch was discovered by Charles Moore. This is a patch of garbage in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas and is three times the size of France. It is continuously growing everyday. It is located between the US states of Hawaii and California. Fish and mammals swim through this trash everyday, and many don’t make it through without dying. Around 100,000 sea mammals and close to 1 million fish die from this trash island each year. They die from ingestion and entanglement. The currents of the ocean push most of the trash to this garbage patch. Plastic is believed to form up to 90 percent of the trash in the ocean. There is a myth that you can see the garbage patch from space, however this is nothing but a myth, you cannot see the patch from space. The patch is estimated to cover 1.6 million square kilometers. Many people are working on cleaning this trash up, however there is so much new trash floating in daily that it is hard to keep up with.