Bernie Sanders’ Ideas Are Not Really Radical

Bernie Sanders' Ideas Are Not Really Radical

Josh Green, Reporter

For years, people have called Senator Bernie Sanders radical and his ideas impossible to achieve. I believe these claims to be false and have evidence on why his ideas actually make sense. The ideas that most people believe are radical are: a public healtcare system, tuition free college, the Green New Deal, living wages and better labor rights. You might be thinking that a public heath care system would cost a lot of money and hurt taxpayers, but this is not true however. Bernie’s plan is to tax the top 1% of Americans by 70% for those making above $10 million a year. Jeff Bezos alone makes about $5 million an hour while most Americans make $9 an hour.  What is a truly radical idea is to believe he needs all that money, when most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and struggle to get basic necessities. We are the richest country in the world, but somehow other countries are doing healthcare way better, such as Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the Netherlands who offer great health care for their citizens. Bernie also has plans on tuition free college which would also be a major help to American citizens who want to get a higher education, but can’t afford the steep rates imposed by colleges. If more Americans could get a higher education and fill highly needed jobs, it would be a big boost to our economy. Bernie supports The Green New Deal, which was an idea to move away from fossil fuels and try to use cleaner and better energy. This would literally help save the Earth and the ocean, plus make our air more breathable without pollution. The price to live has gone way up, but minimum wage has stood the same for about 20 years, which is why Bernie supports living wages, so people can actually make enough money to surive. Bernie believes the minimum wage should be at least $15 an hour, which increase overall happiness and better living conditions. Bernie also thinks hard working Americans should be entitled to better work conditions, sick/vacation days and equal conditions for all workers. If you truly believe any of these idea are radical, you would not be the first. The first ideas that people thought were radicals of Bernie Sanders was when he fought for gay, black, and women’s rights. He fought for these rights since the 60’s even being arrested at a black civil rights movement while trying to protect black people’s basic rights. Bernie Sanders ideas are not radical or impossible, just like they were not in the 60’s when he believed every human should be treated equally.