Why Do I Continue To Write? 

Maddy Mitchem, Reporter


    Many people write for many different reasons. Some people love to write and then others hate to write. Many authors love to write. Some authors hate to write until they have a best selling novel, and then that changes their negative feelings about writing. 

     Why do I write? I used to hate writing when I was small; I would rather read. Now, I love reading and writing. I honestly love to write more than I read. When writing there are so many expectations, but with that you can write about anything you want to write about. Fiction or nonfiction. The possibilities are endless. Writing let’s me get so many things off of my chest. Poems, quotes, stories, essays and so on. I write because it eases my stress, and it allows me to form a different persona when I write through the characters that I make up. When writing about stuff for the Journalism class, it allows me to inform the readers about what’s going on around us or inform them about other topics. I do not like talking in front of people, but if I can write them a letter or get my words out in an essay about something I am passionate about, I will do that to the best of my ability. When I write, I feel like a different person. When I write, I feel like how I am supposed to feel. I feel like ME. 

Maddy M