Independence vs. Montcalm

Terryn Sears, Reporter

Last Tuesday independence had a game against Montcalm. Personal, I think our team did an amazing job. At the first quarter at five minutes in the score was 5 to 6 with home up.  With 1:06 left in the first quarter, we were up by 15 with a score of 23 to 8. At the start of the second quarter we were up 23 with a score of 35 to 12. With 3:05 seconds left of the quarter the score was 13 to 48. At the end of half time the score was 20 to 64. With the guest having 2 fouls. With 36 second left of the third quarter the opposition team was making rebound shot; however, they did not make it keeping the score at 36  to 82. At the beginning of the fourth quarter we were up by 43 with a score of 41 to 84. Durning the fourth quarter of are game we call a time out to decide are next play. With only 1:42 left in the game ,we were in rebound with Carter Adkins, and he missed. However,  it didn’t truly affect our score; we were up by 47 with a score of 44 to 91.