IHS is Doing a Memory Project, and It Looks Amazing!


Lindsey Marshburn, Reporter

Art students at Independence High School are working on a memory project, and the results are outstanding. The memory project is to give kids who have lost pictures, homes, personal belongings, and sometimes even both parents. It gives them something to hold onto. Since 2004, the memory project has helped 250,000 children and teens around the world touch each other’s lives through art. “The memory project is a way to give back to kids who have lost everything,” IHS art teacher, Mrs.Buckland says. “It really helps the kids.” Mrs.Bucklands art students have all said that this may be the best project they have done so far. “It’s for a good cause,” they said. “Being able to do this project, just being able to help these kids in general, means a lot. We like working on this project.”

The portraits of the kids being done by the art students are incredible. Art students all around the world are involved in this project. Aside from portraits and drawings, the memory project also has a poetry exchange coming in 2020. The poetry exchange focuses on students’ hopes for their future. This project is dedicated to promoting intercultural awareness, friendship, and kindness between children around the world through the universal language of art. The memory project wants to empower teachers and students in their pursuit of the same goals. They create unique childhood memories, and show children around the world that they are loved. For more information visit memoryproject.org.