Why You Should Look into Berea College 

Why You Should Look into Berea College 

Josh Green, Reporter


Berea College, located in Kentucky, was founded in 1855 by Reverend John G. Fee, a morally upright Christian abolitionist. He left his church because they did nothing to help against slavery, and he was disowned by his slaveholding father for his abolitionist views. Fee believed in equality for all and wanted to help people with strong character to be able to get a higher education. Berea was designed to be a place of open-mindedness, acceptance, welcome, and love. Today, Berea is one of the leading schools in the United States with a diverse student population and has helped the people of Appalachia for years get higher education. Berea is a non-profit, tuitionfree college, that gives everyone a job to pay for living expenses. This means 45% of people leave Berea with no debt, and the others are only having to pay around $7,000 or under in total which is outstanding. I have personally applied to Berea and so far, the process has been the most understandable. If I did need information, they have always been fast to reply. The admissions counselor I have spoken to has been extremely nice and helpful with my application process; she is one of the first admission counselors that fill me with joy when I get a message or call from her. She told me all the amazing opportunities of Berea and how it has been life changing for anyone who goes there. One of our own teachers, Lisa Terry, graduated from the school and has spoken to me and countless others about her time there. If you are struggling to find a college that suits you or feel you cannot afford college, I highly recommend getting in touch with Berea and filling out an application before their March 31 deadline. Berea will help you to the best of their abilities and are always happy to help. 

Admissions Counselor 

Alicia Riley 

Email: [email protected].edu  

Phone: (859) 200-5244