Ryan Newman’s Horrific Crash and Amazing Recover 

Ryan Newmans Horrific Crash and Amazing Recover 

Josh Green, Reporter


On February 18, 2001 everything in the world of NASCAR was completely changed, this was the day Dale Earnhardt tragically died while racing in Daytona 500 when he collided with a wall, killing him instantly. After this roll bars and other safety precautions were implemented to make sure no racer would have to experience the tragic events of the number 3 car. It has been quite some time since another NASCAR driver has experienced a crash to the degree of Dale and the many others who lost their lives due to bad safety standards. On the day of February 16, 2020, just two days away from the anniversary that Dale lost his life, Ryan Newman experienced a crash that people have not seen in years. On the last lap of the race it was a battle for first between Newman and the number 11 car, Denny Hamlin, when things took a turn for the worse. Newman was bumped in the rear by fellow racer Ryan Blaney, which caused him to lose control and flip his car. When it seemed like nothing else could go wrong, Newman gets hit at 200mph by another car causing his car to be engulfed in flames and be unrecognizable. Silence hit the crowd, almost everybody was in disbelief. Ryan Newman’s car skidded across the finish line upside down and mangled, everyone had already started fearing the worst. Newman was rushed to the hospital and within the next hour a miracle had happened, he was pronounced in stable condition, with serious injuries. It was almost unbelievable that he walked out of the hospital in two days with his two daughters holding his hand.