Funny Work Stories

Maddy Mitchem, Reporter

Funny Work Stories

     Most upperclassmen, juniors and seniors, will have a part-time job in high school. With that being said many of them will work with people close to their age or not at all near their age. 

     As for me I work at Dickey’s. I work with both people a little younger than me, my age, and then people who are older than I am. When you work with most of them you all become your own little work family. When the restaurant becomes busy sometimes it can be very stressful especially on Sunday mornings. Here happens to be one of my favorite stories. 

     The manager I was working with on this day had been at the store since 8AM. He was pulling a double which is from 8AM-9PM. He had a good day and was still bright and sunny when I arrived at work at roughly 5PM. I chose to close dishes this night while my other coworker chose to close the block. At Dickey’s we have three choices of BBQ sauce; original, sweet, and spicy. Also there we have sweet and unsweetened tea. As the day came to an end my fellow coworker and my manager started to bring me back closing dishes. My manager brought back the sweet tea urn. He looked at me and said, “Here’s the original tea.” I was confused for a moment and then looked at him and I said, “The original tea?” My manager started to laugh because that’s when he realized what he said. Then he shouted, “Yes the original tea is back and ready to be poured out and washed.” Whilst still laughing. For the rest of the night I kept putting the word ‘original’ in front of words it had no context to. 

Maddy Mitchem