Junior Patriot of the Month: Lindsey Marshburn


Josh Green, Reporter

Say you just got into a horrible accident and you get a concussion or trauma to the head,  who would you callI would call our future doctor, Lindsey Marshburn, who is a junior and plans on becoming a neurologist when she is older. She has always had a steady hand while drawing art and with her great precisionI have no doubt she will be an amazing doctor. She has also always loved to help people, which makes her great for the job and an amazing friend to have. She wants to make something of herself and make her parents proud, which I know she will. On her free time, she loves to read books, go on long hikes though the forest or when its warm outside go for a swim. Her favorite places to hang with friends or family is the mall, movies and YMCA. She loves to be informed about the world around her and has been an amazing journalist.