Are Honors Classes Worth the Extra Half Credit?

Terryn Sears, Reporter

Are honors class worth the extra credit? I decided to interview a numerous amount of ninth grade honors students to see if it is actually worth the credit. The reason I did ninth grade is due to the fact that high school can only get harder from there. A lot of people might be confused on why honors class wouldn’t be worth it. Well, there are many reasons. Honors classes bring on a lot of stress. Many students can get overwhelmed with work, and end up not getting it done in time or not getting it done at all. When interviewing people, I asked if they were stressed, and every single one of them said yes. They said it was mainly due to the pressure that is being put on them. Many students felt  pressure from their parents, teachers, and even themselves. I found out that sometimes the stress can lead to them doing less. They have so much pressure, and stress that it is hard to handle, so they put everything off last. Although is not all honors students, it seems to be extremely common.  Many people who are in honors have parents who are hard on them. Personally, I think it is fine to be hard on a kid, but many parents take it to far. They put so much pressure on them, that they are horrified to tell their parents if they got a B on a test. For many students a B is the best they can do in regular classes–much less an honors class.  It is unfair that many parents think that a B in honors is something they should be ashamed of. Many students even get grounded if their grades are below an A. I asked if their parents would be as hard on them if they were in regular, classes and many said no. They said that if they were in regular classes,  their parents wouldn’t be nearly as hard on them. 

Now not all honors class are the same. Some are a lot hard than others.  According to the students , some regular class are just as hard if not harder then honors. History for example. Many people in ninth grade say the regular is harder than honors due to the amount of work you have to do in each class. Then there are class which are “harder”. English, for example,  many students have trouble with the honors English class due to how much homework is given. Some students cannot find much time to do it out of school. Which in turn, causes the homework to be late, and their grade to drop. Personally,  I think it is unfair to those students, but for the ones who have time which is most it makes sense for them to be getting that much homework. Although I personally believe anything that is going to be taught should be taught in class, and if the students aren’t done in class, they should have to do it for homework, and only that. Math is another example of a class definitely being harder then the regular. This is due to the fast pace learning that happens in that class.  For most people, it is fine, because they are meant to be in that class, but for the ones who are being forced by their parents it is unfair. 

You also have to take in account how many students have poor mental health, and  physical illness due to having to overwork  and being overwhelmed. Many students have issues due to having too much work. Some stay up late at night, because off homework. Which causes them to get less sleep, and to be less focused for school the next day. I know a few students who even forget to eat, because they are working so hard. Now not all students are like this.  Many can get done with their work and still have time to do many different things, but for the ones that don’t, many things can happen. You also have to look at how much stress is caused by honors class. Many students are constantly worrying about their grade dropping, and this also can cause lack of sleep. I interviewed one girl who could do all of her homework, but because she is given so much she still thinks she might have forgotten something.

Honors students normally get more opportunities than regular students. A lot of them get scholarships to colleges. Which not a lot of regular students do. They also get to learn hard work before going to college. Many have an extremely high work ethic which in college is definitely needed, so they don’t get as overwhelmed, because they have already gotten used to it.

When asking if honors is worth the extra credit I say yes, and most honors students would agree with me. One girl said, “In the long run, it is definitely worth it, but currently I feel like I am getting no where.” I would have to agree. Honors is a long term thing, and will truly only help you out many years down the road, but it is definitely worth the effort you put in.