Bernie Sanders’ Rally


Josh Green, Reporter

At a recent Bernie Sanders’ rally, a person held a giant swastika flag over a railing in the background while on live TV. This stunt shocked millions of viewers and shook Bernie to his core. Many do not know that Sanders is Jewish and many of his family died in the Holocaust. Bernie has protected minorites and injustice for years and this pained many Americans to see this symbol of racism being flown by a protestor. This was not just an attack on Sanders, it was also an attack on our first admendment and pursuit of happiness. Sanders has always voiced his opinions against racism and inequality. His views have upset many people in groups like the KKK, Nazi and Alt-Right who have tortured and killed thousands of innocent people for having different opinions, beliefs and skin color. When I first saw this news it disqusted and saddened me, just like it should every American who believes in equality and freedom. To fly a flag of a monster who killed millions of innocent people is an outrage and should be seen as a hate crime and act of terrorism. Sanders has protected the rights of people for years, even going to jail for protecting black people in a civil rights rally. I think its time we show Sanders the love he has shown everyone and not let these horrible people win, just like Donald Trump said,  “We must condemn racism,” and “We should not give their names, but call them monsters, because that’s what they are.” This issue is beyond political parties and we should no longer let these people have a voice in society.