Cease Fire Talks


Josh Green, Reporter

The U.S and Taliban are currently in the works of coming to a cease fire after an 18 -year long war that many have called endless. The Taliban has murdered thousands of innocent people and has aided Al-Qa’ida for years. Donald Trump said he would be bringing home our troops from the longest war in our history, but he may have spoken too soon. Recent intel from the Helmand Province, that was attacked by Taliban troops has suggested that the war is far from over. This caused an immediate airstrike response from the U.S. and many unsure how the U.S. and Taliban stand in terms of the promised cease fire and withdrawal of troops in the Afgan area. The deal also mentioned freeing Taliban war prisoners, who have murdered thousands, but the Afgan government has refused and I can not blame them. Many high ranking officials were also not at the cease fire deal, so many have also called it illegitimate

 If the Taliban continues to threaten the security of our and many other countries this war may be endless, but our army is determined to end terrorism and have a safer world. I hope the U.S continues its efforts in peace talks, but does not let the Taliban get away with its crimes of humanity.