The School Bathroom is the New Hangout?


Alyssa Austin, Reporter


There are many things that go on at Independence High; however, I never thought hanging out in the unsanitary bathroom would be one. People of all grades love to go into the bathroom and talk to their friends. Not only do they go into the bathroom and hang out, they also go in and lay, sleep, and sit in there. I’ve seen people with blankets napping in the bathroom floor using their book bags as pillows. In my opinion, this is disgusting. There are so many germs, bugs, and more in the floor. I just go into the bathroom to use the restroom, wash my hands, and check myself in the mirror. I don’t spend anymore time in there then I need to. I can’t speak for the boy’s bathroom, but I know the girls bathroom is usually nasty.  It not only has a distinct gross smell, but it also has toilet paper, feminine products, and other nasty things lying in the floor, the same place girls lie down and nap. The toilets have overflowed many times, leaving toilet water in the floors until the end of the day when it can be cleaned. I don’t think many girls understand just how gross the bathroom is.  If they did they wouldn’t be spending all their time in there.