Judah Price: Independence High School’s Freshman of the Month


Terryn Sears, Reporter

Judah Price was born on October 7th, 2004. I don’t know him very well, but what I figured out durning the interview made him seem like an exceptionally nice and caring person. I asked him to describe himself. He says that he is outgoing, occasionally energetic, and funny. Although when he said he was funny,  he added an “I guess,”  which makes me feel like he is not confident in his humor. He states that he excels at sports. Which makes sense, since his hobbies are working out and running. I have been going to school with him for a while, and I can tell you he is a really good athlete. Although he isn’t just an athlete. He also occasionally draws and paint. He seems very intelligent, and is extremely well spoken.

When asked what his biggest strength is,  he said,  “My will to keep going more than other people.”  I think that is an excellent strength, but you cannot have strengths without weaknesses. His weakness according to him is his size. Although he loves himself, this is something he wishes he could change.

Everyone has people who inspire them. For Judah that is his grandfather, dad, and older brother. His grandfather is his best friend, and he has always looked up to his older brother. His dad does things every day that motivates him. 

I am sure, like everyone,  Judah has tons of stupid and funny memories. The stupidest things he has probably done though is jump off a thirty- foot cliff. To me this seem extremely exciting and cool. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t do it myself, because I definitely would. The funniest memory he has is an extremely recent one. It was when Logan Thomas ripped his shirt off at the pizza eating contest. 

His childhood was extremely happy one. Most of the time was spent hanging outside with his friends. Some of his happiest memories from his childhood are from staying up late with his friends. I think most of us have great memories from having fun with are friends.