On March 2, 2020, An SAT Boot Camp Took Place at IHS. Did You Think it Was Helpful?


Lindsey Marshburn, Reporter

On March 2, 2020, IHS had an SAT Boot Camp to help students prepare for the SAT test. This boot camp was made to help ready students and give them some helpful tips for the upcoming test. During the boot camp, students learned many helpful tips that can be used while taking the SAT. They learned how ro prioritize time, how to make sure they answered all the questions, and how to graph in the math section of the test. Students also learned how to properly answer the passages of the English section of the test. They learned that by answering the foruth passage, which is considerably the hardest, first, then it will be easier for them to answer the other passages. IHS junior Arrora McAtee says that the boot camp was helpful for her. “It was a long process,  but the information that I gathered from the boot camp was very helpful and I believe it will help me on the test.” When asked what she thought about the way the boot camp was set up, she said “it was a little confusing at first, but then the more we got into it, the more it all seemed to make sense.” Although the boot camp was very helpful, there are still some questions about the actual test that the students are asking. During the SAT, students need to make sure that they answers the wuestions in a timely manner, that way they can answers all the questions on that section of the test. The boot camp instructor, Miss North, says that  if students wear just a regular wrist watch to the SAT, then they will be able to keep track of the time. This idea is so you students can keep track of the time of each section they are on. I believe that all the information given to us during the boot camp was very helpful, and I have a good feeling about the SAT test scores.