Greystone Volunteer Work

Alyssa Austin, Reporter

On March 2nd, a group of BETA club members went to volunteer at Greystone Elderly for BETA week & volunteer hours. Some of the few students who went were Ema Lily, Emily Suddreth, Nick Taylor, Madi Barr, Chase Bragg, and a few more. They arrived after school that Monday and were greeted by two directors who had snacks sat out for them. It was sat up in a very small community room, it was organized from the most dependent, independent, and those who were sick and needed help the most. The directors divided those who showed up into groups. The groups had about three to four elders in each. They were all organized into 5 separate groups. They did many different activities, one of which was charades. The elders and volunteers had lots of very good conversation, a few examples of some were about grandkids, the future plans, future occupations, and sports. Before the volunteers left they helped clean up the tables for dinner which they have at 4:30 pm. Not only did they get the amazing opportunity to make new friends and spend time with elders but they also got in their volunteer work hours. The volunteers learned much from the elders and enjoyed their experience for the most part, many plan to go back and hopefully visit the ones they met.