Pizza Eating Contest & Volleyball Game

Alyssa Austin, Reporter

On March  5th, there was a volleyball game and pizza eating contest for two dollars. Many students attended and had fun. The volleyball game was between the seniors and faculty of Independence. Some players on the faculties side was our principal, Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Tolliver, Mr. Laraba, and more. On the students side there was Josh Ward, Jay Tucker, Kylie Nelson, and more. They game wasn’t taken too seriously but there were a few good moments and plays between the teams. In the end the seniors won the first game out of three, then the teachers won the second game, and lastly the seniors wan the final game. After the volleyball game between the seniors and faculty we had a pizza eating contest. Students payed 10 dollars to participate in the pizza eating contest. They say the tables up and each contestant had a theme song being played as they walked into the gym. They also all had a “hype man” alongside them to give them moral support when eating the pizza. All the contestants were boys and many of them ripped, or pulled up their shirt when being introduced. Some contestants were Jay Tucker, Logan Thomas, Blake Bane, and quite a few more. When the contest started Jay Tucker took the lead, however when he was almost finished he threw up into the trash can which eliminated him from the race. The boys behind him now knew they had a chance. Logan Thomas ended up winning and as a victory dance ran around without a shirt on a fake proposed to his crush in the stands, she said yes of course. It was an eventful and good day and in my opinion worth the two dollars.