Top 5 of What to Binge Watch on Netflix.

Top 5 of What to Binge Watch on Netflix.

Alyssa Austin, Reporter

Netflix has many things to offer for you to watch.   It has a little bit of everything for everyone. Here are some of my personal favorites, and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I have. Number one on the list is On My Block, now this has been out since 2018; it has three seasons, the third of which just came out on March 5th of this year. This is a show about a group of four friends who face many questions, hard times, and things they have to work together to solve. There are many love interests for them as they continue through and it even manages to pull on your heart strings a few times throughout the show.

Number two on the list is Criminal Minds. This show has been out since 2005, and has 12 seasons and counting. This is a show that you don’t necessarily have to watch in order; however, if you do the background information will make more sense to you. The show contains a team of 7 FBI elite profilers who travel to cases, each episode is a new case with a new victim and you get to watch as they solve it. I know it sounds like it could get repetitive, but each case is completely different and usually takes a 180 from where you expected it to go. Also to add on if you watch them in order and follow along with the background story it will pull on your heart strings.

Number three is The 100. This has been out since 2014 and has 6 seasons. The show is about the last surviving humans who live up in space, and they send convicted teen criminals to Earth to find out if it is inhabitable again. Throughout the teens’ exploration they find many things and face many problems. Maybe they are not the only survivors like they believed before, and now they have to learn to live in this new habitat not knowing what to expect. If you like drama filled, action shows then this is highly recommended.

The fourth show is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This has been out since 2018 and contains three seasons. Sabrina is your average teen, except she’s not, she is half human half witch. You get to watch as she chooses which path she’d like to live down. The path of night or the path of light, which will she choose? Shes faced with many problems that she, her friends, and family have to face. If you’re into mysterious action filled shows then this is the one for you.

Lastly, the fifth show is Shameless. This show has been out since 2011 and has 9 seasons. It’s about a family of 7 who lives in a rundown house and neighborhood. They are all raised by their older sister Fiona due to their father being an absent alcoholic. This is a hilarious show about making the best out of life and having your families back no matter what, even with all the challenges they are faced with they stick together and make it through. These are all my favorites and I hope if you decide to watch any of them you enjoy them as much as I have.