New WiFi Policy

Terryn Sears, Reporter

The new wifi policy makes complete sense. Many people uses the WiFi for things they don’t need, such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc. This doesn’t even make sense to me because many people can just download what is on there. I don’t see why people need to use the WiFi if you can just download it. Although I think the punishment for the new WiFi policy is a little extreme. According to many teachers I have talked to, you get at least five days of out of school suspension. Personally I think this unreasonable. Many people use their phone for school. In fact, I am using mine to write this article right now. For me to be able to airdrop it to my teacher,  my device has to be connected to the WiFi. I understand that we have iPads we can use; however, mine honestly does not work that well. I often times do not connect to WiFi with my iPad. It normally takes forever to load, and it is extremely hard to do anything. I have many math assignments that I need to use internet for. I try using my iPad but it honestly takes forever to load. I have to fully shut down my iPad many time before it starts to work normally again, but when I use my phone it almost loads instantly. I don’t know if this is just a problem with my iPad, but I doubt it, because I see many other people who have the same issue. I also know many people who use their computers  for school assignments. Some people just type better and work better with a keyboard. With the policy, however, it could take them a lot longer to get things done. I personally feel like it is unfair to take away the internet from the students who use it properly and for school work only.